People and Performance Podcast

How to Inspire Employees

October 05, 2022 Fidello Inc. Season 5 Episode 7
People and Performance Podcast
How to Inspire Employees
Show Notes

In this episode, we consider how leaders can inspire employees and what to do to avoid a toxic workplace.

Our guest this time is Kathy Caprino, an internationally-recognized career and leadership coach, writer, speaker and educator dedicated to the advancement of women in business

  • As part of your “Today’s True Leadership” series, you published an article called 'How Embracing Vulnerability Expands Your Leadership Impact and Career Growth' In the post you write: "I also have seen in my research with thousands of professionals and managers that vulnerability in leadership encompasses this: "Allowing ourselves to be open enough to experience the potential pain, fear, and insecurity that comes when we’re being fully true to ourselves, expressing our deepest and most honest thoughts and feelings"." Can you share what you mean by this and how a higher level of authenticity can make leaders more compelling and make employees more inspired to perform? 
  • On the flip side, you also recently published a LinkedIn article called '6 Toxic Behaviors That Repel People and Opportunities: How To Tell If You're Engaging In Them' What are some of the common toxic behaviors being demonstrated that can push people away and burn bridges with colleagues? 
  • Can you also explain some of the damage that these negative behaviors can cause to relationships, professional success, career growth, and to the well-being of both the individual behaving in a toxic way, and to everyone around them?
  • For employees listening to this episode who can maybe relate to their leaders demonstrating toxic behaviors, what are some questions to help employees decide if they should 'give their leader a second chance'? 


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