People and Performance Podcast

Cultivating Company Culture

September 28, 2022 Fidello Inc. Season 5 Episode 6
People and Performance Podcast
Cultivating Company Culture
Show Notes

In this episode of the People and Performance Podcast, Chris Bjorling and Bill Banham focus on the reasons why leading with meaning and purpose can create more positive and sustainable business outcomes

The guest expert this time is Brad Federman, CEO at PerformancePoint LLC and author of Cultivating Culture: 101 Ways to Foster Engagement in 15 Minutes or Less - released back in March 2022.

Brad works with organizations of all sizes and in all industries, helping them foster engaged employees, resilient relationships, and collaborative cultures.

Questions For Brad Include:

  • Is it harder to cultivate a company culture today compared to before the pandemic?
  • In response to a post by Erin Prater on Fortune, you shared: "Trends change. Remote work is out. The pendulum has swung back in the other direction. Remote work will exist, but the headlines (pushing) the idea that we will forever be a remote economy were overstated." So what's the great shake-out of the pandemic? To what extent are working patterns now hybrid/remote and, from a culture perspective, why shouldn't we be surprised when leaders require employees to return to the office? 
  • In your book, Cultivating Culture: 101 Ways to Foster Engagement in 15 Minutes or Less, you offer lots of ways to engage your team in conversations that matter. Activities are divided into eight key focus areas. Can you talk about each? 
    • Leadership – What does it mean to you to be a successful leader? 
    • Communication - Why is communicating with purpose the best way to foster employee engagement and organizational growth?
    • Talent development - How can leaders develop the talent they already have and attract more?
    • Inclusion - Why is generating inclusivity good for your people and good for your business, and what are three easy ways to build it?
    • Team harmony - Who's responsible? 
    • Solution seeking - How to create a culture of problem-solving?
    • Safety - Talk about how to prioritize safety while maintaining peak efficiency
    • Serving your customers - What is one lesson we can take from client relationship management that can be employed by HR today to help improve internal culture? 
  • Can you share one piece of advice or some direction you were given by a mentor, leader or colleague that inspired you to perform at a higher level in your career?
  • From a culture and people processes perspective, what does a high-performing company mean to you?