People and Performance Podcast

L&D in a Changed Retail Sector

May 11, 2022 Fidello Inc. Season 4 Episode 5
People and Performance Podcast
L&D in a Changed Retail Sector
Show Notes

In this episode, we consider some data-backed L&D strategies to boost employee performance.

Our guest is Hassan Farooqi, Director of Learning and Development, North America for OSL Retail Services.

Listen as we ask what performance looks like in the retail industry today and how to successfully create L&D programs that'll increase your bottom line.

Questions Include:

  • Your role at OSL is varied and includes developing training strategies, training plans and train the trainer courses as well as designing sales and training tools, online training content, work books, leader guides, in-store training and certification. Gives us an overview of an L&D professional's core competencies and what you see as credentials needed to succeed in the role?
  • What does high performance look like in the retail industry?
  • How has managing performance and professional learning changed in the past couple of years? And how has L&D changed as a result of WFH?
  • Working closely with the COO, Directors of Operations, Sales, Finance and HR amongst other various internal & external partners, you lead the OSL's learning and development. Who needs to be involved in creating or re-creating an L&D strategy?
  • As we look to wrap up, we like to ask our guests: from a culture and people processes perspective, what does a high-performing company mean to you?

More About Hassan

Hassan is a self-described “motivational and inspirational, results-oriented Operations, Learning and Organisation Development & Change leader, with over a decade of proven leadership experience and a track record of success.” Enhancing business development, profitability, service, and quality for multi-billion-dollar retailers and marketing firms by creating integrated strategies to develop and expand new and existing customer sales as well as brand/product evolution. A visionary; strong and decisive, with excellent analytical, interpersonal and strategic planning abilities. Ensuring customer and employee satisfaction, product and service quality while uplifting financial performance.