People and Performance Podcast

Predictions of Leadership Success

April 20, 2022 Fidello Inc. Season 4 Episode 2
People and Performance Podcast
Predictions of Leadership Success
Show Notes

In this People and Performance Podcast episode, we focus on ways leaders can cut through the noise to scale high-performing teams faster.  Our guest this time is Barbara Singer, founder and CEO of Executive Core.

Barb leads a group of 150 global professionals whose mission is to more quickly innovate professional development globally.  In the last 20 years, Barbara has worked with thousands of high-potentials leaders, C-suite executives, and board members around the globe at critical turning points in their careers.

She has more than a decade of experience serving as an executive sponsor and engagement manager in sectors including technology, pharmaceuticals, engineering, and professional services.

Questions For Barb Include:

  • Predictions of Success: In a recent LinkedIn post you wrote "Leadership success depends on your ability to influence people’s ideas, focus, and actions. This weeks' OneEleven 111 Leadership Sprint trained members in 4 "Power Tools" of influence ... (will help them) be well-positioned to grow their organizations quickly." Can you briefly run through some of these "Power Tools" of influence? 
  • You also help execs remove obstacles that may be slowing them down. What are some of those 'monkies on our backs' preventing us from achieving optimum performance levels?
  • In a presentation by you, called 'Predictors of Executive Success What Women Need to Know', shared on, you suggest that the quality of your strategic business conversations will often make or break your career. What do you mean by this? 
  • Performance mindsets: In the same session, you encourage leaders to challenge their mindset and benchmark their own careers against what we know today are the best predictors of executive success. Can you share some of those key predictors of executive success with us?
  • What are some tips to help leaders develop their team’s resilience and 'leadership superpowers'? 


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